For Girls, It’s Not About Making but About Making the World a Better Place

Whether you work with students in formal or informal settings, Pretty Brainy supports your learning goals. A Pretty Brainy Teaching Module equips you to invest STEAM learning with real-world context, purpose and meaning. Choose from opportunities for —

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Let’s ditch the disproven notions about girls in science and math. Old thinking shortchanges girls, leaving them without the growth experiences to —

  • Solve real-world problems.
  • Experiment, prototype and learn that solutions take more than a one-shot effort.
  • Develop the self-confidence to face challenges.
  • Be encouraged for their skills and abilities.
  • Hear the message that STEAM is their resource for creating positive change.

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Inspire the Students Most Underrepresented in STEAM

No matter your level of technology, experience, or confidence with STEM and STEAM, Pretty Brainy helps prepare you and supports your teaching goals.

Interdisciplinary, hands-on, and steeped in 21st century learning, a Pretty Brainy Teaching Module includes clear, easy-to-follow guidelines and materials.


Pretty Brainy programs embrace the critical questions and pedagogy of delivering hands-on, project-based service learning. Teaching supplements include planning, sample schedule, PowerPoints for visual learning and teaching, lesson objectives and goals, and guidelines for making your program a community event.


Pretty Brainy Kits respect students as the creative technologists, engineers, designers and innovators they are becoming. With Pretty Brainy, students feel like pro’s.


Have a question? We hold virtual office hours by phone and connect you with others so you know you are part of a community of women and girls in STEAM.

Real Leaders Are Those Who Empower Others

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