Here is key information about our live workshops:

Age: Pretty Brainy is designed for girls ages 10 to 18.

Learning: Our programs offer girls experience in (1) service learning; (2) STEAM learning; (3) design thinking; and (4) 21st century learning. A Pretty Brainy program is an active, hands-on, minds-on experience.

Mentors: Our programs often involve mentors, women who are young STEAM professionals or at some stage in their college careers. Mentors make a positive difference in a girl’s STEAM success. One hundred percent of our students say they like working with the mentors.

Cost: Fees vary depending on the length of a program and the materials involved. Scholarships to participate often are available.

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For info about our impact, download our Fact Sheet of Learning Outcomes.

Thank you for recognizing that all children need a strong education. Become a Pretty Brainy Affiliate. Affiliation gives you the capacity to easily be your community’s STEAM learning resource. Our Affiliate Program is a turnkey system that includes —

• Programs for sustained STEAM learning.

• Teaching plans and materials.

• Professional development.

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Our program Fashionably Mashed: The STEM of Fashion Design builds know-how and confidence in problem-solving, critical thinking, attention to detail, mathematical reasoning, forming questions, designing solutions, evaluating and communicating information. and more. The following graphic shows the basic skills the program addresses. These encompass national STEM standards. We created the program for students ages 11 through 14.

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Fashionably Mashed: The STEM of Fashion Design provides a young designer up to 30 hours of hands-on learning in basic design, science and math functions of fashion design today. Our kit includes book plus materials to design a basic T-shirt, described by Giorgio Armani as the “Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.”

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Thank you! To learn more about being a Pretty Brainy mentor, click here. We will ask you to complete a background check through Verified Volunteers and participate in mentor training and development.

We designed the program to be flexible: the average time to deliver the core learning concepts and activities is 15 hours. That said, our team has presented key curricular elements in one-day mini courses, too.

We are here to guide you in how to deliver the program in the length that best meets the needs of your organization and the young people you serve. Contact us to let us know of next best steps for you.