Learning & Credits That Count on a Homeschool Transcript

Grades 6-10

The STEM of Fashion Design HomeSchool Kit —

Log Credit Hours toward —

  • Art and Science.
  • Math and Economics.
  • Language Arts and Writing across the Curriculum.

Gain Elective Credits that count on a transcript —

  • Design & Merchandising.
  • Family & Consumer Sciences.
  • Career Exploration.
  • Service Learning.<.li>

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Bring Pretty Brainy Home

Contains 25 hours of learning that appeals to the importance girls place on doing good while doing science and math with a real-world purpose.

You receive —

  • Student text, 83 pages, including full color and black & white illustrations.
  • Design toolkit.
  • Digital teaching supplement, 94 pages, including step-by-step lesson preparation, learning objectives, and goals.

Writing and Critical Thinking That Prepare You for College

An Interactive eBook Curriculum —

  • Preps students for the critical thinking, writing standards, research, and academic rigor of college.
  • Builds growth experiences in problem-solving, math and science reasoning, attending to precision and detail, decision-making, creativity, communications, and more.
  • Includes studio work and labs that result in a complete interdisciplinary project grounded in learning for the real world.
  • Supports both self-guided and facilitated instruction.
  • Appeals to the DIY interests of girls.

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