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Your gift makes a sustainable difference for your community and business. When you empower a girl in STEAM – science, technology, engineering, art + design, and math – you create a force for innovation and growth. It’s a gift that enriches a girl and the community in which she lives.

Your gift is an investment in a workforce that’s inclusive and future-ready. Learn about the ways we’re preparing innovators, problem-solvers, thinkers, and leaders. Download our Fact Sheet of Learning Outcomes.

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Located near Colorado State University, Pretty Brainy is a qualified charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with tax ID number 80-0958846. Your gift is tax-deductible.

Girls in STEAM Becoming a Force for Innovation & Growth

“I’ve had some amazing experiences through Pretty Brainy, and this workshop has opened so many doors for me and the other girls. It really showed me how many careers use STEM.” — Ciera, age 14

Nearly 100% of girls in our programs say they have gained confidence in their abilities and ideas thanks to Pretty Brainy. This is significant: research funded by the National Science Foundation shows a girl’s interest in science and math is tightly tied to her confidence that she can do science and math. The higher her confidence, the higher her interest.

Thank You

Our work to authentically empower girls to gain STEAM is made possible thanks to the support and partnership of the following:


Toolbox Creative

City of Fort Collins

Deaver Phoenix Foundation


Rotary International, Rotary Club of Fort Collins

The Energy Institute, Colorado State University

Colorado Public Television

Women in Natural Sciences, Colorado State University

College of Natural Sciences, Colorado State University

Office of the Vice President for Research, Colorado State University

Ed Carroll Motor Company

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University

Effective Media & RetailMugs

Tech Dad


The Women’s Foundation of Colorado

Support also comes from

The OtterCares Foundation

SparkFun Electronics

Elevations Credit Union

Pedersen Toyota

Little Words Project