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Your Perspective Shapes a Girl’s Perspective About Herself & STEM

Watch Our TED Talk to learn 4 ways to help every girl succeed now.

Watch Our TED Talk

Number of Girls Who Gained Confidence in Their Ability to Do Science & Math

A girl who is confident that she can perform well in science & math has greater interest in science & math. Learn what you can do to be a resource for girls in STEAM.

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Accept It. There Are Things Only You Can Accomplish.

If you like fashion design and creating for others, we have a book for you. Download Fashionably Mashed®: The STEM of Fashion Design and begin designing today. Our gift to you.

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Developing girls’ genius and abilities in science, technology, engineering, art and math so they positively impact their communities and world.

Remember when the path of least math was an option? When it was assumed that girls couldn’t “do math”? No more. To be ready in the classroom and on the job, girls need STEAM. Find out how to bring girls to Pretty Brainy or how to bring Pretty Brainy to you.

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Mentors help girls shape their dreams and know what’s possible. But too few mentors have led to too few girls knowing their true path, much less pursuing it. Join us and help launch the next gen of thinkers, problem-solvers and innovators.

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In our engineering program girls created and installed lighting solutions for a Habitat for Humanity home for a single mother and her children. But only with support was this possible. Shop our giving catalog. See how your support can empower girls to positively impact the world.

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