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The right mentor will shift how you see yourself and all you can be and do. A mentor can be a true, girl-power resource. Check out our standards for who has the privilege to mentor you and girls like you.


Connect with our ambassadors, women who have impacted their communities and embarked on their careers. Each explored her direction in middle and high school.

All-Girl Team of Leaders

Ready to lead? Apply for our all-girl Leadership Team. Qualities we love: courage, integrity, self-awareness, empathy, and respect for others, our communities, and Earth. Learn more.

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Feed Your Brain, Enrich Your Life

Girl-Power Resources from Pretty Brainy includes our self-defense training for teens and young teens. Program begins fall 2024.

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Learn to Defend You, Verbally + Physically

Girl-power resources from Pretty Brainy include scholarships for women in STEM, tips for applying for scholarships for women in STEM, and financial aid insight.

You Are Scholarship Worthy

You've Got This, We Have Key Advice

Girl-power resources from Pretty Brainy include scholarships for women in STEM AND exploring citizen science: find a project you can love and dive in. You'll be the girl-power resource on the team!

Explore Citizen Science

Find Your Next Great Love, Risk Free

In our forthcoming podcast series, women in STEM share their girl-power resources for surviving and succeeding in the world today.

Thrive in a Digital World

Up-Level Your Digital Well-Being

How Did I Get Here? From Failing Chem to Being a Scientist

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How She Got There: Being Real + Being Recruited

Girl-power resources from Pretty Brainy include connecting you to the women who can decode STEM success.

As senior physicist and Head of Atomic Clocks at Infleqtion, Dr. Judith Olson has one of the best jobs in the universe.

Hear what she has to say about your girl-power strengths + how to shine!