How to Become a Contributor to

Have a stunning idea for a post? We’d love to hear it.

1. Pitch an idea or short list (up to three) of ideas by email. Send it to us at

2. Include a description of your idea in no more than 100 words. This must be an original idea that has not previously been published. Anywhere.

3. Then briefly explain:

  • Why your idea matters.
  • Who your idea is for. Who is your ideal reader?
  • Ideas for photos or other art you would submit with your writing.
  • Why your idea is perfect for Pretty Brainy.
  • Genre of your proposed piece. Here is what we have to say about genre:

Nonfiction: It’s What We Love Best. We love journalism, how-to pieces, DIY projects, and slice-of-life personal essays about your actual life. Be sure to read examples of what we previously have posted. Please do the legwork and due diligence appropriate to your piece. We fact-check journalism and test the steps of DIY pieces, for example, and expect you will have done the same before submission.

Other Forms Not Listed Above. If you have an idea for something not listed above, such as an interview or audio postcard, we’d love to hear it. Use the outline above to present your idea.

We do not accept ideas for creative writing.

4. Also include:

  • Your full name.
  • Age and, if applicable, grade level.
  • School you attend or in which you teach.
  • Your email and the email address of one parent or guardian, as appropriate.
  • Parent or parents’ or guardians’ names and address, as appropriate.
  • Social media profiles.

5. Paste everything in an email window. Do not send an attachment. Email to

Then What Happens?

We have a small staff. Thank you for your patience. If we like your idea, you generally will hear from us within 2 months. We may respond by giving you editorial direction and asking you to develop your thinking around a certain topic. This means we like what you are saying and want to hear more.

We cannot respond to every submission we receive. If you do not hear from us, don’t take it as a rejection. It just means that the timing wasn’t right or that someone else is already covering the topic or about 100 other possible things.

Thank you for following these guidelines. We can’t wait to hear from you.