Long-Time Participants in STEM Programs for Girls, Our Ambassadors Are Paying Forward How to Be True to Yourself + Speak Up, Even When You Stand Alone

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Emma Younger: Robotics, Climate Action + Connecting with Incredible Young Women

Emma Younger, Pretty Brainy ambassador and veteran participant in STEM programs for girls

Emma Younger, who was introduced to tech at a young age, took her humanitarian engineering to Kenya between her junior and senior years in high school to help the Maasai install solar panels in their villages.

“I am invested in MISSion Innovation because it’s vital that our generation make the world a cleaner place and forever sustainable. This is essential. We can’t be selfish and use everything up.”

Where She Is Now: Consultant, Technology Solutions, Credera. Colorado School of Mines ’23. Major: Computer Science.

“When I was younger I had incredible teachers and parents that encouraged me to expand my STEAM knowledge. As I enter my post high school years, I aspire to be a positive mentor in the lives of young women since I have been very fortunate to have so many positive female role models in my life. As I continue my work with Pretty Brainy, my goal is to be an amazing mentor and engineer.”

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Katie Schutt: Running, Playing Violin + Promoting Confidence in Girls

Pretty Brainy Ambassador Katie Schutt says that, among STEM programs for girls, MISSion Innovation prepared her for her first year studying aerospace engineering

Katie Schutt says MISSion Innovation helped her “not feel completely out of place as the only woman in some collegiate engineering projects.”

“MISSion Innovation was some of the best preparation for life in higher education, especially as an incoming engineering student.”

Where She Is Now: 2024 Graduate, University of Colorado Boulder. Major: Mechanical Engineering. Minors: Media Production and Leadership.

“I learned technical skills around designing and prototyping under the pressure of requirements and a deadline, and programming logic and proficiency. Equally important, I developed skills in public speaking, documenting the proposals and then progress of my projects, and the ability to constructively work with a team.”

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Madeleine Boyles: Fighting to Curb Climate  Change

To fight for climate change doesn’t have to be daunting, says Pretty Brainy ambassador Madeleine Boyles

Madzie Boyles stresses the urgency of responding to global warming: “We no longer have time to wait: action must be taken to help our planet now.”

“We all have a responsibility to use our minds to give back to our communities, even if our contributions seem meaningless and small.”

Where They Are Now: Graduate Student, Cartography and Geoinformatics, Technical University of Munich. Colorado State University ’24. Major: Ecosystem Science and Sustainability. Minors: Geospatial Information Science and Diversity and Inclusion in Natural Resources.

“Climate action doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We have so much more power than anyone realizes, and I want our culture to embrace that head on. I want to encourage every girl to use STEAM, or any positive interest she may have, as a weapon for good. Our minds are powerful, and so are we.”

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