Women in History, Girls in STEM

STEM Learning Girls Value

Girls love using real T-shirts and colorful scarves to construct solutions for our Pi Day game, “Dress for the Party.”

A Math Probability Game with Extra Appeal for Girls

When it comes to problem-solving, as important as finding the “right” answer is learning how to solve. Problem-solving is a process that takes time, critical thinking, and sometimes multiple “do-overs.” Students need the opportunity for trial and error in constructing multiple ways to arrive at an answer. They need to see that it is OK to try, to fail, to try again, and not be “perfect” in arriving at an answer on the first attempt.

For a great problem-solving activity — applicable to subjects from math to language arts to business and family & consumer science — Download “Dress for the Party,” a game of probability with extra appeal for girls. Created by Pretty Brainy’s media intern, Ashleigh Smith, “Dress for the Party” is perfect for Pi Day, March 14.

Solving for Success

Preparing Students for Job Success: Is It Ever Too Early?

Employers today report that a majority of job candidates lack critical qualifications, including practical experience and problem-solving skills.* As multiple reports show, giving young people experience in constructing solutions is key to their preparation for life. It also is among the factors critical to our success in the U.S., including our economic health and global ranking in innovation. In addition, increasing the number of girls who sustain their STEM learning into college will help ensure we have the talent to satisfy on-the-job demands, as well as to fill the jobs expected to be added to the U.S. economy within the next five years.

*See Marketplace Education, “What Do Employers Really Want from College Grads?” March 4, 2013.

Women’s Historic First in Education

In 1894 Colorado led the nation in electing a woman to state office and educational leadership. Angenette Peavey, teacher, widow and single mother, became the first State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

The Library of Congress makes it easy and fun to celebrate and study Women’s History Month. For more fabulous facts and resources, visit the Women’s History Month website, hosted by the Library of Congress.

STEM Learning Girls Value: After-School + Summer STEM Enrichment

Looking for “beyond the school bell” STEM learning for your school or nonprofit organization? Pretty Brainy brings you two programs for summer 2013. Each offer, described below, is tailored for students in middle school, high school, and 4th and 5th grades.

Fashionably Mashed®, the Mash-Up of Fashion Design + STEM

Think fashion design is all glamour and fluff? Fashion designers are knowledgeable about history, science, mathematics, art, human behavior, communications and more. Jump into the science, technology and math at the heart of fashion design today. “Fashionably Mashed” takes you through the steps of professional fashion design, including concepting, sourcing, costing and marketing.

You’ll work with color theory and physics, economics and sustainability, business math and consumer science, soil science and human behavior. You’ll also work with the tools and critical questions designers face every day. Here’s your opportunity to design for your community and explore how fashion design can be your tool for making the world a better place.

Beyond Beautiful: Functional Jewelry from 3D Printing + Computer Aided Design

Can a piece of jewelry solve a problem? Can bracelets and necklaces, besides being beautiful accessories, be useful to the people who wear them? “Beyond Beautiful” will take you into the world where creativity and technology are best friends. This experience is for you if you like the idea of design or if you are an aspiring designer. In “Beyond Beautiful” you will —

  • Explore how to create jewelry that is as useful as it is beautiful and fun.
  • Work with 3D printing and computer aided design (also known as CAD).
  • Learn the creative process!

With a mix of technology and creativity you will design and make jewelry that addresses a problem you and your teammates think needs a true solution in the world today. The result will be beyond beautiful.

For more information on bringing Pretty Brainy STEM Learning Programs to your school or organization, contact us today.