Climate Action Challenge Statements

MISSion Innovation participants will collaborate Sept. 22-23 to address climate action challenges articulated by the City of Fort Collins, CO. Solutions will help the city advance its climate action plan and meet its 2050 goal for carbon neutrality. See the challenge statements here.

Young Engineers, Designers & Creatives Will Address Environmental Concerns

Fun is among the criteria for what works in education because my students tell me so. They tell their mothers, too, and the mothers say their daughters think a monthly or weekly Designathon is a good idea. Girls, here it is: 24 hours of Design Thinking begin Feb. 3 at 5 p.m. MST.

How to Develop an Idea for a Business

Teen entrepreneur Bee Pettner says, "Pretty Brainy’s Textiles + TechStyles™ was about solving a local problem using design thinking. The problem I wanted to try to solve is how many kids get sick from the common cold each year. My solution is simple." See how Bee is turning a simple solution into a tech start-up.

Make a Graffiti T-Shirt: Pretty Brainy STEM Workshops Bring Together Art with Science + Math

What I love about introducing the Graffiti T-shirt to Pretty Brainy STEM workshops is the added control each designer will have over her finished product. Get wild yet control your design direction in a short amount of time.


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