We Empower Girls to Become a Force for Innovation + Growth

We Create STEAM* Learning with a Purpose — Science, Tech, Engineering, Art + Design, and Math* — Through Which Girls Enrich Their Communities by Pursuing Projects They Love.

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Number of girls in Pretty Brainy who gained confidence in their ability to do science and math

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A mentor will shift how a girl sees science, math, her abilities, and herself

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STEAM Learning Girls Value and That Values Girls is Pretty Brainy's reason to be: learn more about our programming and outcomes
STEAM Learning Girls Value: watch our girls' leadership team in action with community members to uncover points of resistance to reducing CO2 emissions

Our Mission: Empower Girls to Gain STEAM — Science, Tech, Engineering, Art + Design, and Math.

We create STEAM learning girls value because it respects them as thinkers, problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders.

A Pretty Inspiring Conversation

When Volunteering Changes Your Life

In this segment of the OtterCares Podcast, Pretty Brainy mentor and volunteer, Cass Santoro, and Pretty Brainy founder, Heidi Olinger, come together to talk about Cass’s mentoring girls in STEAM and how the experience changed the course of her career.

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What Makes You Strong?
What Makes You Shine?

Hear Dr. Judith Olson talk about STEAM learning girls value and that values girls.

Dr. Judith Olson has one of the coolest jobs in the universe.

Hear what she says about your natural strengths and what it takes to shine!

STEAM Learning Girls Value includes the opportunity to lead and innovate in one's community. Learn more about our ambassadors and their activism.

Pretty Brainy Ambassadors

Gaining STEAM

Young women innovating for their communities, taking action, and paying it forward.

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