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A Pretty Brainy Design-A-Thon is a weekend innovation marathon to address real-world dilemmas. Participants are given problem statements, mentoring, materials, space to design, expert insight, and 2 days to innovate. The gains? Learning the real-world process of design thinking, as well as how to collaborate, communicate, and create tech, as well as joining a fabulous community of women and girls in STEAM studies and careers.

Our latest event: MISSion Innovation, high school and college students innovating to advance the Fort Collins, CO, Climate Action Plan. Sept. 22-23, 2018, at Colorado State University.

Girls and women gain experience as the problem-solvers and innovators empowered with how-to’s and insight relevant to the world today.

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“Education Is Learning from Experience”

— Dr. Jane Goodall

a 24-hour STEAM innovation marathon for high school and college studentsWith MISSion Innovation you’ll gain growth experiences for the 21st century —

Collaboration, including having to work out group issues on a deadline. A ticking clock helps move decision-making forward.

Prototyping — it’s a great replacement for perfectionism.

Interdisciplinary learning, the way subjects are applied in the professional world.



Mentoring from young professionals and subject-matter experts who love their work and want to share their insight and enthusiasm.

Peer support.

Fun in moving beyond your boundaries and developing your ideas.

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