The All-Woman Innovation Marathon

High school and college students innovating for climate action in service to the City of Fort Collins, CO.

The Launch: September 22-23, 2018, at Colorado State University (CSU)

MISSion Innovation Continues: Teams from the September weekend of innovation are testing the feasibility of their prototypes, with ongoing support from the Energy Institute at CSU, the City of Fort Collins, and Pretty Brainy. And our leadership team is building an app to encourage carbon-conscious behavior among young people.

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40 young innovators, 20 mentors, 20 volunteers, 24 hours

Girl in Charge: Meet the Leadership Team


What’s a Girl Get from MISSion Innovation?

She gets the opportunity to —

Design solutions supporting climate action, including clean energy, transportation, waste materials, behavior change, planning that is participatory and inclusive, and more.

Work with a real client, the City of Fort Collins, CO.

Learn from these experts in engineering design thinking, climate science, behavior change and more.

Prototype and create important tech that impacts her world.

Learn from grad students and young professional mentors.

Gain connections, how-to’s and insights from inspired professionals.

Meet new friends and gain the know-how to succeed in any STEAM major or field.

Enjoy yoga, eclectic dance, music, meals, and more well-being activities.

Be the Change, Volunteer

Who Are Pretty Brainy Mentors? Young professionals, postdocs, grad students, and college juniors and seniors who want to directly work with girls and younger women one-on-one and in small groups.

Who Is on Ops? Women with the experience and love for organizing top-tier events.