MISSion: Innovation is a climate action app created, coded and curated by STEAM-powered high schoolers and their mentors in order to create a greener Fort Collins.

Get the app today. The MISSion: Innovation App will guide you through a 7-week program of simple lifestyle changes you can make to help solve complex climate problems. Reducing our community’s carbon footprint is its own reward, but MISSion members will also score prizes from local businesses along the way.

“The scientific community is always in need of new minds and new ideas. If we want to leave the next generation in good hands, we need to live a more sustainable lifestyle now.”
— Emma Campbell | MISSion: Innovation Team

The Challenge

Our planet is getting warmer. In fact, Earth is 1.5° Fahrenheit warmer than the average temperature recorded just 40 years ago. Climate scientists at NASA report that the change in the global climate is largely the effect of human activities, and if we don’t act now, things will get much worse.



Our Community’s MISSion

Since 2005, the City of Fort Collins has reduced carbon emissions by over 20% with the goal of being completely carbon neutral by 2050.

Thanks to a grant from the Innovate Fort Collins Challenge, the young women masterminds behind the MISSion: Innovation app turned their STEAM skills into climate action for the City. They are our community’s future, and they created this app to ensure it’s a more vibrant, sustainable future for us all.

By participating in MISSion: Innovation, you can reduce your carbon emissions by as much as a metric ton. If all Fort Collins citizens participated in MISSion: Innovation, we could reduce carbon emissions by 165,080 metric tons. That’s like getting almost 36,000 passenger vehicles off the road for a full year!

When you get the MISSion: Innovation app, you are contributing to building a cooler community in every way. Join the MISSion. Spread the word. Save the world.