In August 2017 Pretty Brainy brought high school and college students to the table to choose a cause for which they could use STEAM to give back to their community. The cause they chose? Climate Action. MISSion Innovation came to be because girls chose to use STEAM to serve the community and girls chose to take action for the climate.

“I like working on this project because I would really like to help create a sustainable future.”
— Madzie Boyles | schools and community outreach coordinator

“The scientific community is always in need of new minds and new ideas. If we want to leave the next generation in good hands, we need to live a more sustainable lifestyle now.”
— Emma Campbell | coordinator, innovators

“The reason I’m a part of this is to build a better future for my sister because I know that she really likes the outdoors and I want her to be able to grow up somewhere where Earth is healthy for her.”
— Andee Craig | T-shirt design, grassroots marketing, and manager, weekend ops

“I am helping create an app and website for extending MISSion Innovation into a pledge campaign following the initial event. Working with Pretty Brainy allows me to encourage younger women and work within a team to provide opportunities in STEAM that I did not have during my school years prior to college.”
— Kellyn Dassler | team leader, app development

“I care about sustainability because I’ve been a Girl Scout my whole life and that has caused me to fall in love with the outdoors, and I want to keep it around for a long time.”
— Alyssa Harris | zero waste event

“The world population is growing more quickly than most people care to think about. We need to take action now if we want to continue to live here in the future.”
— Lauren Isenhour | director

“Pretty Brainy’s mission revolves around empowering young women in an exploration of STEAM subjects, thus intensifying a drive to learn and fostering creativity and problem-solving abilities. MISSion Innovation is an extension of this goal. MISSion Innovation gives young women an opportunity to tackle [climate] challenges. The collaboration and mentorship provided are a terrific opportunity.”
— Rylie Mann | assessment

“I got involved in MISSion Innovation through robotics to find other opportunities and women in STEM. Living in a beautiful state like Colorado makes me appreciate our work on sustainability, so we can preserve that in the future.”
— Katie Schutt | data sheets and fact-gathering

“I love MISSion Innovation because, as a double major in physics and math, my greatest career goal is to be remembered as a scientist. MISSion Innovation is a big deal and can do exactly that for all of the girls involved.”
— Kiera Thibault | associate director and volunteer coordinator

“I love camping, hiking, and being in the outdoors. I want to be a part of creating sustainable energy sources so in the future I can still enjoy the outdoors.”
— Emma Younger | zero waste event