Gender Disparity in Education Persists,

Violence Against Women and Girls Goes On:

Our Statement on Women + Girls’ Education Worldwide

When gender disparity in education is eliminated, communities prosper The experiences of women and girls, because they are female, inspire solutions to our most complicated problems. (Photo by Binti Malu, Pexels.)

The well-being and prosperity of civilizations worldwide are founded on the establishment, protection of, and access to education for girls and women — without exception. Gender disparity in education is among the evils that have no place on our planet.

When girls and women are educated, communities, cities, and countries prosper. Boys’ education benefits, skills development is elevated for all, and violence drops. The stories, experiences, decision-making, and choices of women and girls — because they are women and girls — inspire solutions and find results to our most complicated global and community problems. What we know of the power of girls innovating for the climate here at home, for example, is a learning model that can be replicated anywhere education can shine.

To be educated is a birthright: Pretty Brainy condemns acts of violence and actions that restrain, interfere with, or reduce the opportunities of girls and women to claim an education.

We stand with organizations that include the Women in Science Network in our collective support for girls and women to receive the following —

  • The right to safe, respected, and trusted learning environments.
  • The right to gender equity in education.
  • The right to grow and express their knowledge and experiences through meaningful contributions to society.
  • The sheer recognition that they intrinsically possess a special value worthy of dignity and respect because they are women and girls of this world.

Since 2008 Pretty Brainy has worked locally and regionally across the U.S. to authentically empower girls and rectify gender inequity in education. And until girls and women around the world can access safe, gender-equitable education in environments free of violence and harmful practices, our work doesn’t end.

Learn more about threats to girls’ education worldwide. Compelled to action now? Consider helping to fund a girl’s education through UNICEF USA. And look forward to updates on our partnerships for fighting gender disparity in education for our girls in developing nations. Thank you.