Ada Lovelace Day at Pretty Brainy: Grit and Wisdom from Women in STEM

Gain insight from five women in STEM at key milestones of career progression as they share the treasures of their experience: failing forward, standing back up, rebounding, moving forward, and showing up for opportunity. Our panelists, as follows, speak to different stages of a STEM journey, from college to mid-career to legacy

Heather Volesky | Principal Engineer, HP, Inc.
Brianna Havlik | XR Engineering Manager, HP, Inc.
Rita Roloff | Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation
Madeleine Boyles | Ecosystem Science & Sustainability major, Colorado State University
Emma Younger | Computer Science major, Colorado School of Mines

This recording of Ada Lovelace Day 2021 at Pretty Brainy is a virtual discussion among these women in STEM, plus community members invested in helping girls build resilience toward realizing their goals and ambitions. The event was presented live on October 19, 2021, and co-hosted by Isabella Pettner, assistant designer, Kohl’s; and Heidi Olinger, founder and CEO, Pretty Brainy.



We’re also happy to bring you the following free learning download, informed by the wisdom of our guests and inspired by mathematician and visionary Ada Lovelace. Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, is celebrated every October the world over for her grit, boldness, and imagination — qualities that led her to write that first program 100 years before a computer was ever built.

A celebration of women in STEM, resilience and Ada Lovelace, Pretty Brainy brings together STEM experts and guests to laud the world's first computer programmer and her modern-day counterparts blazing trails in STEM.

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