Love a Challenge? Join MISSion Innovation and Take Action for the Climate Sept. 22-23 at Colorado State University

MISSion Innovation participants will collaborate with one another to design answers to the following challenge statements articulated by the City of Fort Collins, CO. Solutions will help the city advance its climate action plan and meet its ambitious of being a carbon neutral community by 2050.

Join now or learn more about this rock-your-world way to give back while building a platform for some of your next steps in life.

Side by Side with Mentors and Other Girls, You’ll Choose One of the Following Challenges

How do we encourage the community to reduce fossil fuel use and increase the use of renewable energy? Focus areas may include:

  • Integration of electric vehicles (EV), solar, and energy storage as distributed resources.
  • Increased participation by landlords and tenants.
  • Increased number of net zero buildings.

In what ways can we quickly increase EV transportation use in the City or Growth Management Area?

  • How might we connect public transportation to departure place and end destination (first and last mile)?
  • How might we utilize and encourage the sharing economy to reduce single use trips?


  • How might we create market demand and secondary markets for unwanted/discarded materials (circular economy)?
  • How might we facilitate reduce/reuse/repair of materials?
  • How might we inclusively educate residents about waste reduction and consumerism (provide education inclusively)?


  • How do we encourage action and behavior change that reduces greenhouse gases through energy, transportation and waste?
  • How might we facilitate more and different channels for communicating with diverse audiences?
  • How do we create a system that rewards behavior and benefits our Climate Action Plan goals?

With the guidance of mentors and experts in engineering, climate science, and engineering, Team MISSion Innovation will address these challenges with STEAM and design thinking.

Service Learning for the Climate & Community

MISSion Innovation is service learning for which girls chose to use STEAM to give back to the community. The cause they chose? Climate Action. See this welcome message from our student leadership team –