Pretty Brainy ambassador Madeleine Boyles says the fight for climate change includes young people realizing how powerful they are.


“Our minds are powerful and so are we.”

— Madeleine Boyles, Colorado State University ’24

Madeleine Boyles writes, “I strongly believe that a STEAM education should be accessible to everyone who wants it because there are no words to describe the Power of One.

“We all have a responsibility to use our minds to give back to our communities, even if our contributions seem meaningless and small. Pretty Brainy has taught me that no idea I have is insignificant and has given me the confidence to put my own thoughts and ideas out into the world. I want to give that confidence to other young women, because everyone has the ability to transform our world.

“Working on our current sustainable behavior change project, MISSion Innovation, has given me an opportunity to give something even greater back to my community: a better planet to live in and people who will influence others with their new behaviors. I want this to create a ripple effect across multiple communities, to help the planet and to instill a sense of environmental stewardship and leadership in participants. We all have the capacity to lead, and right now sound leadership is vital.

Fighting for the Climate Doesn’t Have to Be Daunting

“Global warming is an urgent issue and ongoing debate in our political, scientific, and social landscapes. We no longer have time to wait: action must be taken to help our planet now.

“Climate action doesn’t have to be a daunting task, however. As youth, we have so much more power than anyone realizes, and I want our culture to embrace that head on. Our current project, MISSion Innovation: The App, is designed to encourage sustainable behaviors from the citizens and cities of Northern Colorado, but also sends the message that youth can — and, out of necessity, must —  take action in their communities to make the world a better place. I want to encourage every girl to use STEAM, or any positive interest she may have, as a weapon for good. Our minds are powerful, and so are we.”

Communication Is Critical

“Another message I want to share is the importance of communication. With STEAM education and the complete ability to influence the world, it is critical that we build our skills in outreach, communication, and writing. Rachel Carson and her 1962 nonfiction work, Silent Spring, had a vast impact on the way Americans viewed and interacted with the environment. A lot of that had to do with how Carson was able to communicate with others around her about what was happening to our planet.

“We still face these same problems, only to an elevated level. As scientists, we need to be able to communicate with professionals in other disciplines the facts of what is happening to our planet. The more we talk about global warming, the more people can understand, change their behaviors, and make the choice to start their own climate action projects. Communication is so critical.

“I would like to start an open conversation in Loveland, CO, my own city, about what a climate action plan would look like and actions we can all start taking to decrease our carbon footprint. Pretty Brainy has made me realize not only the importance of having mentors in my own life, but the importance of growing up to be a mentor for others. I am excited to see what the future has in store for MISSion Innovation and the new changes we as humans will have to what living on our planet looks like.”

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