Since High School Robotics, One Among Few Girls and Now Sometimes the Only Woman on Aerospace Engineering Projects

Our ambassador promoting confidence in girls in STEAM and women of engineering, Katie Schutt says stepping into leadership for MISSion Innovation grew her confidence in her abilities. The role also helped prepare her to be the only woman on engineering projects during her freshman year at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Imagine that!

Katie writes, “I am a sophomore studying aerospace engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder! In 2017, I joined the Pretty Brainy team after learning about their mission to promote confidence in girls in STEAM — an idea that really resonated with me as the minority in my high school drafting and robotics classes. Since then, I served as the Data Sheet & Fact Gatherer for the MISSion Innovation 24-hour climate action marathon and have continued to contribute to the MISSion Innovation App development.”

“Outside of Pretty Brainy, I have passions for running, Christopher Nolan movies, and playing the violin!”

Being Prepped for College by Taking the Lead in High School to Engineer for Change

“MISSion Innovation was some of the best preparation for life in higher education, especially as an incoming engineering student. I learned technical skills around designing and prototyping under the pressure of requirements and a deadline, and programming logic and proficiency. Equally important, I developed skills in public speaking, documenting the proposals and then progress of my projects, and the ability to constructively work with a team.

“MISSion Innovation provided a constructive environment for me to gain confidence in those abilities, so I did not feel completely out of place as the only woman in some collegiate engineering projects. All of these skills were heavily emphasized and required to succeed in my first semester at CU, and Pretty Brainy provided the foundation for those skills to be built upon.”