To Be Empowered Is to Empower Others

Connect Girls to STEAM They Embrace and That Prepares Them for 21st Century Success

New Service Learning Opportunity –

MISSion Innovation: Girls. Innovate. Real. Life. Situations. Sept. 22-23, 2018, at Colorado State University. Learn more about the launch of MISSion Innovation and first all-woman innovation marathon for climate action.

Learn About the Launch

MISSion Innovation is high school and college women problem-solving for climate action. While learning engineering design and technology in service to others, participants gain STEAM skills and professional skills to match.

The team comprises 40 young innovators, 20 STEAM mentors, and 20 volunteers — all working to advance the Fort Collins, CO, Climate Action Plan, as well as the UN goal of making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

MISSion Innovation is Pretty Brainy’s contribution to this goal for a sustainable world.

Your partnership will help make it happen. Learn More.

When You Respect What Girls Bring to Science and Math, You Create a Force for Innovation and Growth

Young Women Who Are Self-Sufficient and Career-Ready

Women who are not competent in at least basic college-level mathematics, it is estimated, will cut themselves off from 75 percent of the jobs entering the U.S. labor market over the next two years (Forbes Woman, Oct. 2009). As U.S. News reported in 2013, of new jobs being added to the market, 71 percent will be “computer related in every field.” And yet, because the U.S. education system has not created the qualified talent to meet these opportunities, 2.5 million STEM jobs are not being filled.

These numbers point to the opportunity young women have to become the qualified professionals needed today.

It’s Who You Want on Your Team

Girls become the women who diversify the workforce, contribute innovative ideas, pose new models of leadership, and boost the financial health and operational effectiveness of the organizations they serve.

To attract and retain girls in STEAM studies and careers, the learning they receive must respect the value they place on relationships and finding purpose and meaning in the work they do.