Details About the All-Woman Innovation Marathon

I don’t have any experience with design thinking or innovation. Can I still participate?
Absolutely! You do not have to have any experience to participate. We’re all coming together to learn. In the 21st century, all girls – not just engineering and computer science majors – need to know how to create tech, innovate, and critically think . We’ll provide the information, materials, and mentor guidance you need to succeed at MISSion Innovation.

What is the cost to attend?
The early bird fee is $65 per participant and $299 for a team of five. After July 15, the registration fee is $75 per participant and $325 per team. We are grateful to our sponsors, whose support has helped us keep the price low so everyone can have a game-changing experience.

How do I sign up?
Do the following —

  1. Please reserve your place here.
  2. Complete the registration form. If you are applying for a scholarship, the registration form includes information on how to request assistance.

Is food provided?
Three meals will be provided to all participants and mentors during the event. There also will be snacks and drinks available for the duration of the event. Be sure to include any dietary requirements on your registration form and email with any concerns or questions.

My family doesn’t live in Fort Collins. How can I get to MISSion Innovation?
We are working on arranging bus transportation. We will announce pick-up/drop-off times and locations as soon as details are confirmed.

I’m driving myself/my team. Where can I park on campus?
Colorado State University is working on best parking locations, which we will announce as soon as details are in place.

Are men and boys allowed at the event?
No. For an optimum learning experience for all, MISSion Innovation is an all-woman event.

Are appropriate safety measures in place?
The health and safety of all participants and mentors are of the highest importance to us. We will have an appropriate number of health professionals and CSUPD officers on-site to ensure a safe environment. Feel free to contact us with specific safety questions.

When during the event can I contact my daughter?
You can call her any time! But be sure to look at the event schedule (forthcoming), just in case she’s listening to one of our inspiring keynote addresses. We’ll also make regular announcements to remind underage participants to contact their parents. And if you want to see what’s going on between check-ins, check out #MISSionInnovation2018 on all social media platforms. Be sure to follow Pretty Brainy on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see all of our updates!

What if my daughter has allergies or needs to take medication?
We can accommodate both! Just let us know on the registration form. We will have a medical professional present to administer medications.

My daughter is trans. Can she participate?

I’m driving my daughter to the event from out of town. Are there hotels nearby?
Yes! Hotels in the area can be found here.

My daughter will be late. Can she still participate?
Yes! However, because both days of the event will be devoted to designing her team’s solution to the challenge statements, we hope that she can be present for the entire experience. If you’re unexpectedly running late, please let us know by emailing

Can participants work individually?
No. This project is much too large to be completed by one person in two days, and we want everyone to have a complete product to present at the end of the marathon. Also, an important part of STEAM learning includes collaborating and communicating ideas and opinions with others, and we want to be sure that everyone expands her skill set to include this.

My daughter doesn’t know anyone she wants to work with. How are team members selected?
We will help her find her best team! When you fill out the registration form, there will be team member matching questions to match your daughter with girls with whom she feels most comfortable working.