A STEM Workshop Where You Can Get Creative While Working with Physics, Color Theory and More

2014 STEM Workshops from Pretty Brainy: Design a Graffiti T-Shirt

Design a Graffiti T-Shirt in our STEM workshop Monday, January 20.

Dear Friends — Our next STEM of Fashion Design Workshop, Fashionably Mashed, is January 20. The experience begins at 12 noon at Art Lab Fort Collins, 239 Linden St. in beautiful Old Town.

Fashionably Mashed now has some new features. Most colorfully, each designer will have the option of creating a Graffiti T-shirt. Here are photos of the graffiti-on-fabric design process.

Making a Graffiti T-shirt is a project of STEAM/STEM workshops from Pretty Brainy

Die-cut letters + stars positioned on wet paint are one step in creating a Graffiti T-shirt. The finished T-shirt will be the culmination of working with physics, soil science, business math + more.

Physics, Business Math, Soil Science + Eco Fashion: A Lot Happens in Fashionably Mashed!

Our half-day STEM workshops are a mash-up of fashion design with some of the core science and math at the heart of design. You, the young designer, step into the decision-making, problem-solving, attention to detail and creativity faced by professional designers every day. You learn a lot in three and one-half hours of Fashionably Mashed.

What I love about introducing the Graffiti T-shirt is the added control each designer will have over her finished product. Each girl will have the latitude to be creative while controlling the details of her design direction in a relatively short amount of time.

In this sample, I added a final design layer: dots of neon “stars” against the dark, graffiti sky —

Pretty Brainy STEM workshops allow tween girls to get creative on their terms

Pictured: adding one final layer of paint to the design, a field of neon stars in a graffiti sky.

I look forward to designing with you Monday, January 20, at Fashionably Mashed: The STEM of Fashion Design.

Thank you.



Heidi Olinger is an educator, social entrepreneur, and the author of Fashionably Mashed: The STEM of Fashion Design. For teaching excellence, she has been honored by the Boettcher Foundation and others. She is the founder of Pretty Brainy, a nonprofit organization that designs curricula and materials to support educators in exciting students about learning and in preparing them, especially girls, to pursue the broadest of career options. In 2012 InnovatioNews named Pretty Brainy “An educational leader for STEM education.”