Girls in Science Technology Engineering Art + Math, STEAM

“[STEAM  is] an education in getting your hands dirty, in understanding why you made what you made, and owning the impact of that work in the world. It’s what artists and designers do.”

— John Maeda, President, Rhode Island School of Design

At Pretty Brainy, we embrace STEAM learning for its power to —

Reignite teachers’ excitement for teaching.

Intensify students’ experience of learning, its meaning and its purpose.

Blend disciplines, as they’re experienced and applied in the world beyond school.

Cultivate innovative thinking.

Prepare students to contribute to the decision-making and problem-solving required of professionals in the 21st century.

We’ve Adapted the Term Mash-Up to Describe Our Programs

Our approach to engaging girls in STEAM is grounded in —

  • Interdisciplinary learning, in which students understand science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as they relate to creativity.
  • Design that lends a real-world purpose to science and math.
  • A respect for students’ voices, values and world view.
  • Project-based learning that contributes to students’ self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Design, including fashion design, which we use to capture and sustain girls’ interest in bread-and-butter science and math.

Pretty Brainy and the STEM to STEAM Initiative

STEAM education enhances learning, critical thinking, and student engagement. It fosters risk-taking, problem-solving, and innovation. We see these as benefits not only for students, but educators.

An initiative led by the Rhode Island School of Design, STEAM is a practical and brilliant innovation with the power to supplant the old but relevant student question, “Why are we doing this?”

See How We Put STEAM into Action through Our Fashion Design Program, Fashionably Mashed®

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