A popular DIY Halloween costume post from 2013, Gianna’s Blog on easy, fashionable costumes tweens and teens can make in a snap is back. Read on!

The Young and the Resourceful: Our Tween Fashion Blogger’s Advice for DIY Halloween Costumes to Make from Items Around the House

Hi, Everyone!

Sorry I have not been writing back lately. School has been so busy! Well now I will tell you about school and Halloween!

Well for now I am on fall break! On Tuesday every one dressed up for school! At the school of the arts that I attend, everyone is so creative and there were so many creative costumes, such as Mrs. Luvett from Sweeney Todd and Tinker Hell (instead of Tinker Bell). Well, for Halloween I am going to be Selma Quickly from Nanny McPhee.

My costume is big and fluffy and I think it will be so cool on Halloween.

If You Still Don’t Have Your Costume, Here Are Three Fun and Quick Ideas

  • The Fanta Girls. All you need is a yellow, orange, red or purple dress (shop your favorite consignment store or girls clothing boutique) and then your favorite red-, yellow-, orange- or purple- colored Fanta soda.
  • Or you can get some black Duck Tape® and a yellow dress and a pair of yellow-black bee wings. Tape lines of black Duck Tape around the dress.
  • You can also put some socks on a black shirt and pair of pants (grab your favorites from your preteen clothes) and be Electric Cling!

Well thanks for reading my ′tween fashion blog! Happy Halloween!



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