PrimaProductions Donating 10% of Holiday Sales to Pretty Brainy

Each year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, PrimaProductions LLC, parent company of ZipHer®, partners with a nonprofit organization that does two things:

  • Advocates for individuality and dignity in women and
  • Empowers women to gain skills and confidence to lead happy and productive lives.

Pretty Brainy is the nonprofit partner chosen by PrimaProductions for the 2016 holiday season. In choosing Pretty Brainy, PrimaProductions honors “the women of tomorrow” and is donating 10 percent of its holiday sales to support the Pretty Brainy mission of empowering girls to gain STEAM — science, tech, engineering, art and math.

Advocacy of women's empowerment, dignity and individuality is a quality ZipHer looks for in nonprofit partners.ZipHer is available exclusively online at, and purchases made through December 31, 2016, will support Pretty Brainy. As the following graphic shows, $0.86 of every dollar given to Pretty Brainy funds programming.
Pretty Brainy, which teaches social good, is the recipient of social good thanks to PrimaProductions.
Donna Taurman, PrimaProductions co-founder, says, “We were excited to discover Pretty Brainy, whose mission holds special meaning for us.” Taurman, a self-described independent woman, collaborated in inventing ZipHer for women who, independence notwithstanding, need an extra hand when zipping hard-to-reach back zippers.

“As the inventors of ZipHer, an independent woman and a creative engineer,” she writes of herself and partner Alan Leff, “we are thrilled to contribute to [Pretty Brainy’s] worthwhile endeavor.” She adds, “I also love the name!”

How ZipHer Solves the Problem of Hard-to-Reach Zippers

The following video shows how ZipHer works.

And the following shows the potential mishap of relying on others to zip up one’s dress!

Buy ZipHer Online in Time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

ZipHer may be purchased online at

Order for Delivery Before Christmas

It’s not too late to order for Christmas! According to, the United States Postal Service will deliver purchases for the Christmas Holiday according to the following schedule:

Types of Delivery & Mailing Deadlines
First-class mail: Dec. 20
Priority Mail: Dec. 21
Priority Mail Express: Dec. 23

Your Purchase Helps Make the Following Outcomes Possible

Following is an example of how the support of PrimaProductions is empowering the women of tomorrow, who are the girls of Pretty Brainy today —

In February 2016, through the workshop Textiles + TechStyles2, we brought together a design team of middle and high school girls (and one boy) to address health and wellness dilemmas in our community. The young innovators learned Design Thinking and employed an interdisciplinary blend of STEAM to design and write computer code for prototypes of solutions to problems they identified.

To understand the pain others experience, they worked with members of their client groups and addressed challenges that include panic attacks, medication management, proper hand washing, a discreet kit for cystic fibrosis, an emergency alert kit for the homeless, the anxiety of transitioning to a new school, and more.

As a result —

  • 100% of our design team members agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “This workshop has increased my interest in innovation and design.”
  • 84% said, “With regard to science and technology, this workshop has increased my interest.” The remaining 16% said the workshop maintained their interest in science and tech.

By contrast, a survey of American teens published in June 2016 from the Amgen Foundation and Change the Equation shows that, across the United States, teens “lack access to real-world science experiences, out of school opportunities, and professional mentors,” without which their opportunities are limited.

Through Pretty Brainy, girls learn by doing and benefit from real-world experiences that reveal how engineering, technology and science are useful in addressing everyday human needs.

More About ZipHer

The great people at ZipHer® would like everyone to know the following and we are happy to help spread the word —

ZipHer® is unique in its decorative and strong ergonomic design, comprising an elongated hook, a brass ball chain and a faux pearl handle. Elegant hardware completes the look of this made-in-the-USA dressing aid.

Here are more qualities that we love:

  • Zips all types of zippers, including invisible zippers with no hole in the pull tab.
  • Long handle facilitates easy removal from back zippers, even those ending mid-back.
  • Sturdy chain accommodates all heights and arm lengths.
  • Will not pull loose or fall off zippers; made to withstand forceful zipping up tight dresses.
  • Strong and ergonomic – easy to use.
  • Elegant, classy retro design – fun to own.
  • Simple, functional construction – nothing to break!

The Social Good of Holiday Charitable Giving

Over the last six holiday seasons, ZipHer charity partnerships have included the following organizations, whose missions encompass women’s empowerment —
2016 – Pretty Brainy
2015 – Human Rights Campaign
2014 – LipStick Angels
2013 – Rosie’s Place
2012 – Heroes in Heels
2011 – Dress for Success

Connect with ZipHer fans worldwide via the PrimaProductions Facebook page, Solutions for the Independent Woman.

Order your ZipHer now and see PrimaProductions’s full line-up of products, including an extra-long ZipHer for extra-long evening dress!

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