Spend Time on Math Games Girls and Parents Can Tackle Together

Today is Colorado Gives Day, a time when nonprofit organizations ask for your contribution. On this day Pretty Brainy asks that your donation be an investment of time in your daughter.

Math games girls and parents can tackle together: a Pretty brainy recommendation for investing in Colorado Gives DayBelieve in your daughter’s brilliance. See her as someone whose primary attributes are problem-solving and critical thinking. Did you know that parents, along with teachers, are a girl’s number #1 source of confidence in her math and science abilities?

Our TED Talk offers more insight on how to help girls succeed in science and math.

Contribute time playing math games with her today. Remember to help her see that the point of working a problem sometimes lies less in the solution than in her positive attitude and willingness to tackle what is before her.

Need some math games for girls and parents to tackle together? The Pretty Brainy Blog has a holiday shopping game that’s near-perfect for ages 10 to 13.

Go to this blog post right now. Do the math with your daughter.

And thank you for your contribution.