girls in STEM

Make a Graffiti T-Shirt: Pretty Brainy STEM Workshops Bring Together Art with Science + Math

What I love about introducing the Graffiti T-shirt to Pretty Brainy STEM workshops is the added control each designer will have over her finished product. Get wild yet control your design direction in a short amount of time.

Girls in STEM: No More Path of Least Math

For some girls in our STEM of Fashion Design courses, the math problem-solving and costing lesson is their favorite part. But no matter what a girl likes best or least, she is learning a real-world application for math. This is maybe my most important work because for girls today, the path of least math is no longer an option.

Girls in STEAM

When students feel ownership for their learning, are the results better than any work we could have required? Here's an example of student work that gives us an answer. Plus, questions for uncovering what students value.

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