For Women of Every Age. Because We Have the Right to Be Safe Where We Learn, Work and Live.

Essential Skills to Help You Protect Smart, Beautiful You.

A self-defense course for women and teens age 16+.

Learn How to Navigate and Survive Tough Situations


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Dates: October 19 + 20, 2024
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Self-Defense for Women and Young Women Age 16+: the Quickest, Most Effective Course

In a small class with women like you and an instructional team who has your back, you will learn essential self-defense skills every woman needs as she moves through life — from high school to college and through her career. You will build inner resources to call on for the rest of your life. These include:

  • Verbal self-defense.
  • How to say “No” confidently and effectively.
  • How to set boundaries, stand your ground, and make others respect the line you draw.
  • How to de-escalate conflict.
  • The fighting spirit needed for self-protection.
  • How to identify the ploys and tactics predators use to target and manipulate people.
  • How to fight when you need to fight.
  • How to stop bullying.

You will emerge with increased self-esteem, personal safety, and the know-how for protecting your most valuable asset — your own smart, beautiful self.

Women and Girls Experience Sexual Assault at Greater Rates

According to, 1 out of every 6 women in the United States has been the victim of rape or attempted rape in her life.

  • In the past 12 months, of female high school students who reported sexual attacks, 1 in 9 reported being the target of dating violence. This number shows only those girls who came forward and reported being attacked.
  •  “Roughly 135,600 harassment incidents were reported in K-12 schools in 2015-2016 — more than 40% of those incidents were sex-based and 63% of those were targeted were girls.” [emphasis added] Original source: U.S. Department of Education.

Source: American Association of University Women. “Sexual Misconduct in Schools.” Accessed 20 May 2024.

  • Sexual violence is the most prevalent crime on college campuses. College women are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted than robbed.
  • Women ages 18 to 24 are at an elevated risk of sexual assault. Those in college are at a risk 3 times higher than the risk for all women ages 25 and up. Those who are ages 18 to 24 and not in college are at a risk 4 times higher than all women.
  • More than 50 percent of all sexual assaults on college campuses occur during August, September, October and November of a given academic year. Students are at an increased risk of sexual assault during the first months of their first and second semesters of college.

Source: RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network). “Campus Sexual Violence.” Accessed 9 July 2024.

Self-Defense from a STEM and STEAM Learning Nonprofit?

Every girl and woman is entitled to equitable, top-quality education, including the integrity of being able to attend school, pursue her goals, and live her life without the given, age-old threat of being at greater risk for sexual assault because she is a girl or a woman.

The Pretty Brainy mission of empowering girls to gain STEAM includes preparing girls and women to overcome challenges to learning and excelling. These challenges originate in gender assumptions, stereotypes, and politics heaped on females that keep too many down, confused, and misdirected – far into adulthood – about who they are and what they have the ability to accomplish in this world.

Thank you for joining us in writing a new story. Together we can change the outcome.


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