Aloha Light-Up LED Barrette Kit


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Blend Art and Design with Science and Prototyping

Great for Grades 5-9
We want the world to take note of your brilliance. So an awesome designer and an equally awesome engineer came together to create this kit to get you on your way to bringing the world Bright Ideas. Consider this: it’s not every day that people make technology. Everyone uses tech to yak on their phones. But now, with the Aloha Light-Up LED Barrette Kit, you have the chance to design, to engineer, and to make the world a brighter place.

Get the FREE Tutorial that accompanies this kit.

Out of stock


Kit includes —

  • LilyPad Switched Coin Cell Battery Holder  (1)
  • LilyPad Sewable LEDs (2)
  • Hair Clip (1)
  • Peacock Feathers (2)
  • Craft Flower (1)
  • Pre-cut Wire (4 lengths)

Not included, but easily acquired —

  • Coin cell battery (CR2032)
  • Glue

Design, Hack & Share

Once you have your Aloha Light-Up LED Barrette Kit in hand, we have a Challenge for you. Here is your chance, in 3 steps, to make something uniquely you.

  1. Go to Use the instructions to make the Aloha Light-Up LED Barrette.
  2. Now get creative. What else can you make with the very same stuff? Hack your design. Take it apart. Make something new and utterly you.
  3. Share your new project on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SFE_ihackedit. Your design will gain the attention and admiration of many.

Stuff Parents & Teachers Like to Know

With the Aloha Light-Up LED Barrette Kit and its accompanying tutorial, young people gain learning experience in —

  • The science and concepts of electricity
  • How to build a circuit
  • Prototyping
  • Creativity
  • Design
  • Understanding processes
  • Reading and interpreting a schematic



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