Pretty Brainy Is Launching a Podcast: We Happen to Be Women

We are always seeking ways to better serve girls in our community and our latest endeavor is a podcast! With encouragement from Ottter Cares, we realized that we can offer valuable insights into the STEM world. We aim to reach girls through engaging and thought-provoking conversations with scientists and researchers of diverse and varying backgrounds. Through these conversations, we hope to provide support and resources for girls while inspiring them with the stories of scientists changing the world today.

Pretty Brainy Podcast: We Happen to be Women

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Podcast Mission

Address girls’ changing needs in a post-pandemic world

    • How can you be more prepared to transition from high school to college?
    • What resources do you have in a college setting? How do you establish a community?
    • What resources can we offer to girls who might not have much family support?
Two women having a podcast discussion

Photo: George Milton

Answer questions about working in a STEM field while maintaining your physical and mental health

    • How do you stay okay doing demanding and sometimes intense work?
    • What does a woman in STEM look like?
    • What does it take to be a woman in STEM?
    • How are women impacting history, politics, and science in the U.S. and around the world?

Dispel myths we’ve all been taught

    • Are the last two years of high school and the first 2 years of college really going to make or break your life?
    • Are you learning in a way that’s best for you? Are the methods used in high school conducive to understanding or comprehension? 
    • Why is failure important and what can you learn from it?

Girls Need a Voice in Their Futures

We cannot extract the full value of our conversations with scientists without also talking to girls. We want to hear and explore their ideas, perspectives, and opinions. After each podcast interview, we will conduct a panel-style discussion about the previous week’s conversation with a group of teens. Through these discussions, we hope to understand what girls really think.

  • How do girls feel about their futures?
  • What would be most beneficial for girls transitioning into different life stages?
  • Do they agree with the perceived needs that researchers see them as having?

Girls require a voice in the conversations taking place about them, and we want to give them that platform.