Seven Women Scientists Who Broke Barriers and Paid the Price for Being Women

Pretty Brainy launches its celebration of Women’s History Month with this presentation of seven women scientists whose scientific contributions have been passed over and whose work merits our attention every month of the year.

Girls Engineering for Change and Collaborating Remotely

As Team MISSion Innovation builds human-centered technology and takes action for the climate, let's fuel their progress. Remember when you were 17 and answer the question, "What advice would you give your 17-year-old self?"

High School Survival Guide Part III: Staying Focused in the Midst of Girl Drama

The latest in our series High School Survival Guide is about staying academically focused in the midst of girl drama. Our teen blogger, Kyra, also outlines how to escape drama and mediate your way to stronger relationships.

High School Survival Guide Part II: Conflict Management Is Totally Necessary in High School

The second post in our series High School Survival Guide delivers 6 steps for managing conflict. Teen blogger Kyra says learning this skill is a must for navigating high school. She also highlights why managing conflict is critical - for you and your future employer.

High School Survival Guide Part I: Girl Drama

This is the first post in our series, High School Survival Guide. Created by our media intern, Kyra, the series candidly delivers perspective and advice for getting through some of the toughest stressors. Today's post: lessons from the movie Mean Girls and real-life Girl Drama.


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