How to Develop an Idea for a Business Part III

Teen social entrepreneur Bee Pettner writes, "After doing research and sitting down with a few experts, I grew to understand the difference between patents, copyrights, trademarks, and starting an LLC, or limited liability company." Find out what Bee learned and how the info can benefit your enterprise!

How to Develop an Idea for a Business Part II

Teen entrepreneur Bee Pettner writes, "Over this blog series I tell you my journey of social entrepreneurship—how to brainstorm, how to design and prototype, and how to get your idea off the ground to help as many people as you can." Today's focus: research, reflect and decide your direction.

STEM Parent & Teacher Symposium: How to Raise a STEM-Confident Daughter April 8

Join the conversation, ask the questions, and get hands-on with activities to help you think differently about what girls need from STEM. "How to Raise a STEM-Confident Daughter" is Apr. 8 at Colorado State.

How to Raise a STEM-Confident Daughter? Find Out April 8, 2017

Did you know that parents & teachers are a girl's Number #1 influence in her success and attitude toward STEM? Why do girls who do as well as or better than boys in STEM judge themselves to be inferior? How can you help when you yourself “don’t do” math and science? Learn how Apr. 8.

Young Engineers, Designers & Creatives Will Address Environmental Concerns

Fun is among the criteria for what works in education because my students tell me so. They tell their mothers, too, and the mothers say their daughters think a monthly or weekly Designathon is a good idea. Girls, here it is: 24 hours of Design Thinking begin Feb. 3 at 5 p.m. MST.