STEM Branding & the Goal of Empowering Girls

Is using the word pretty inappropriate when issues confronting females in STEM are so serious? Identity can be a matter of survival, and the words that frame an identity should be selected with care. So our latest post is about language, gender and perception. Here we take apart the meaning of pretty in our brand ID.

High School Survival Guide Part III: Staying Focused in the Midst of Girl Drama

The latest in our series High School Survival Guide is about staying academically focused in the midst of girl drama. Our teen blogger, Kyra, also outlines how to escape drama and mediate your way to stronger relationships.

How to Develop an Idea for a Business Part III

Teen social entrepreneur Bee Pettner writes, "After doing research and sitting down with a few experts, I grew to understand the difference between patents, copyrights, trademarks, and starting an LLC, or limited liability company." Find out what Bee learned and how the info can benefit your enterprise!

How to Develop an Idea for a Business Part II

Teen entrepreneur Bee Pettner writes, "Over this blog series I tell you my journey of social entrepreneurship—how to brainstorm, how to design and prototype, and how to get your idea off the ground to help as many people as you can." Today's focus: research, reflect and decide your direction.


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