Yearly Archives: 2014

A Holiday Math Game Girls Can Love

Math Is Beautiful. At least it can be when it has a purpose beyond homework and that purpose makes sense in life! If you like to go shopping, you will like the following math game. If you need practice converting fractions to decimals, you are going to love it — or at least appreciate it!

Artists Collaborate to Benefit Girls in STEAM

#ChangeThePattern is an initiative highlighting the need to change the pattern of too few girls in STEAM. The movement promotes the diverse thinking and problem-solving females bring to the table. Purchases from the initiative benefit Pretty Brainy through 1/1/15.

For Girls in STEM, Parent Enthusiasm Trumps Schoolwork

The girls were creating technology, and their parents were publicly gushing over the results: this alone may do more for these girls’ interest in STEM/science, technology, engineering and math than anything else that will unfold for them in their K-12 education.